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Aarhus University Network for Interdisciplinary Drug Resistance Research - IDRRES - has as its aim to develop externally funded research on drug resistance. IDRRES brings together researchers from e.g. microbiology, genetics, infectious diseases, immunology, pharmacology, veterinary science, anthropology, health services research, history and philosophy.

Network objectives:

  • Develop IDRRES as an interdisciplinary arena for cross-fertilization of disciplines that are critical for an understanding of the complex interactions at micro- meso- and macro-levels between microorganism and environment that lead to drug resistance.
  • Develop inter/national linkages with researchers and research groups and other networksoutside AU.
  • Develop the scope for a research agenda leading to larger application(s) for external funding within the topics proposed in the Danish input for Horizon 2020 on ‘infectious diseases and resistance’:
    • Treatment and Prevention: New therapies; New treatments.
    • Surveillance: Human and veterinarian resistance burden; The role of the environment as a source of antimicrobial resistance.
    • Society and Policy levels: Discrepancies between guidelines and practice in drug distribution and use; Secondary epidemics caused by outbreaks of drug-resistant infections.

Scientific scope of the IDRRES network